a revolutionary
technology for
waste disposal

Affordable and practical.
Environmentally sustainable.
Community based.

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Turn trash to ash

Fuel free, cost savings & non-polluting

This innovative technology is a game changer that can give you a new market advantage and set your organization on a path to more affordable, practical, and environmentally sustainable waste disposal.

The Phoenix can thermally reduce 4-8 tons of unsorted municipal solid waste – plastic, Styrofoam, food waste – into 3% ash every 24 hours. It operates without using fuel or producing toxic emissions, and at less than half the cost of landfill tipping fees. The ability to treat waste at source, along with our proprietary fuel-free system translates to The Phoenix being a cost-saving and low carbon waste management solution.

A viable technology

With far lower capital and operating costs than competing waste disposal methods, the Phoenix is economically viable for businesses and non-profits. It offers a definitive solution for disposing of waste and plastic, enabling you to meet your zero landfill goals.

Clean and low carbon footprint

The Phoenix is non polluting and EPA compliant. Our proprietary thermal degradation technology inhibits pollutants from forming at a molecular level. It generates heat of 600-1000F without using any fuel, creating a low carbon footprint.

Resource recovery

All kinds of unsorted municipal waste can be loaded directly into the Phoenix to be thermally reduced. Metal and glass remain untreated and can be recovered for recycling without the costly process of separation. The heat that is generated from the Phoenix can also be used to generate electricity.

Community opportunities

The Phoenix allows for decentralized waste management, saving communities transportation costs. The carbon ash by-product can be used for soil amendment or construction, creating further opportunities for community development programs.

There is no time to waste

The world’s trash crises is one of the most urgent environmental problems of our time. Human beings produce 2.12 billion tons of waste each year, which is about 10 times the weight of all of humanity put together. Waste contributes to the worsening climate crises; it kills wildlife and is detrimental to our own public health. The poor are disproportionately affected by unsustainable waste management strategies.

At Phoenix Waste Solutions, we are committed to creating positive environmental and social impact through our innovative technology.  We are keen to network with like-minded organizations who have a vision of a sustainable and pollution-free future. By tackling the issue of waste, we can address various critical topics such as the climate crises, plastic pollution, wildlife extinction and resource depletion.

What The Phoenix Does

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How The Phoenix Works

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Incorporated in 2019, Phoenix Waste Solutions is committed to building the best product that provides a sustainable and compelling waste management solution to the world.

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